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This site provides all the information that you may need to prepare for PMI's PMP® certification exam. It has a high level tutorial for the PMP® Certification exam. It has a mock exam of seventy questions. The site also has FAQ on PMP® Certification and links to a large number of Certification sites.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a world recognized body that promotes the discipline of Project Management. PMI also conducts an internationally recognized certification exam called Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

The site is not related to PMI in anyway. It just provides information that you may find useful as you prepare for the PMI's PMP certification exam. The site is updated for PMBOK 5th edition (which is effective August 1st, 2013). This site is courtesy of EdWel Programs.

Free PMP® Textbook and Study Guide from EdWel Programs

To receive a free 350-page PMP® textbook with hundreds of questions, please visit this site and enter the required information. PMP® Exam Textbook 5.0. The textbook is a great free resource for anyone planning to take the PMP exam.

PMP® mock exam

Take this mock exam to judge how close you are to clearing the exam. It has 70 questions with the answers.

PMP® exam Tutorial for Certification

This tutorial highlights important concepts that you must know for PMI's PMP Certification exam. Read the tutorial to understand key concepts required to clear the exam.

Questions by topic

This section has questions organized by topics for some of the knowledge areas of Project Management.

A detailed FAQ for PMIs PMP® exam

The FAQ covers questions like -- How much time do I need to prepare for PMP® certification exam? How much importance is given to this certification? Find all answers to your questions related to PMP certification here.

PMP® books

There are a large number of books that can help you prepare for PMP®. If you are serious about PMP certification, you should buy one of these books

Where do I get more information related to PMP® Certification exam?

This site is designed to have all the information you need for getting the PMP® Certification. But the more practice you can do for the PMP Certification exam, the better chance you will have of clearing the exam. Our links page provides access to a large number of mock exams, and other relevant sites for PMP certification.