PMP Certification Books

While there are many books available in the market to prepare for PMP, preparepm recommends utilizing the following combination of books:

Free PMP Textbook and Study Guide from EdWel Programs

To receive a 400 page PMP textbook with hundreds of questions, please visit this site and enter the required information. PMP Exam Textbook 5.0. The textbook is was written by Richard Perrin, a leading figure in the project management community, and it is a great free resource for anyone planning to take the PMP Exam.

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide)

The PMBOK is the main resource on which the exam is based. When you become a member of PMI, you will be able to access a digital copy of the PMBOK on PMI's website. If you prefer to read from a book rather than your monitor, then you may have to buy it. Most people find the PMBOK a little tedious to read though, so plan ahead to spend some time going through it. We recommend setting up a reading plan ahead of time (a chapter a day, or every few days, depending on your time constraints). The fifth edition of PMBOK was launched in January of 2013. Since August 1st, 2013, the exam has based on the fourth edition.


In preparation for the PMP Exam, we recommend you first read through the PMBOK, then follow up with EdWel's PMP Textbook to fill in any missing gaps. If you feel you would benefit from PMP-certified advisers and veteran PMP instructors, consider looking into a classroom-based prep class, like the ones listed in the sidebar.